Jungle Fun Bucket
Welcome to the jungle! Plenty of animals and other creatures are falling down from sky. Some of them are jumping, some of them are lost, but the most important mission is that you are here to catch all of them. Use this super cool tools you have to catch all the animals and fruits and put them into the jungle colorful bucket. A game that use your imagination and your skills.

Jungle Fun Bucket Scores
Date Avatar Name Scores
10-06-2018 09:37:52 henning 20
10-06-2018 18:42:00 caisili 16
30-09-2020 08:16:58 Aluminatae 4
Game Title Jungle Fun Bucket
Play Count 2730
High Scoring: Yes
Folder: Langangen Arcade » 2015 Games
Scores 3
Current rating 0/5

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