Jasmine Collect Butterflies
ntriguing maze game exactly where the main hero is Princess Jasmine. Whenever you start after, you will play once more and once again. Your job is always to aid Jasmine to move about the maze and collect butterflies. She has to prevent the Jafar - figures simply because if they catch her you shed a life. But you will discover also flowers which provide you with opportunity to consume Jafar - figures should you take them. You will find five levels. Once you collect every single butterfly in a single level you go to the next a single. Use arrow keys to move the Princess about the maze.

Jasmine Collect Butterflies Scores
Date Avatar Name Scores
08-07-2018 11:12:58 caisili 3,810
09-06-2018 18:33:38 henning 3,130
Game Title Jasmine Collect Butterflies
Play Count 3567
High Scoring: Yes
Folder: Langangen Arcade » 2016 Games
Scores 2
Current rating 0/5

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