Greedy Spooks
Are you looking for an online logic game? You will surely like the game Greedy Spooks! A brave captain is going to a mysterious island to find the ancient treasures. The action of the game takes place in those times when wind-driven frigates were plowing the seas, and the life was full of adventures and surprises. Once a brave captain John Tailor met an old man in a port tavern who told him the legend of dark knights. Long ago a king got his knights together and sent them to a crusade to save the kingdom from the invaders. Those were five legendary knights whose power was almost mystic. But there were crafty and sly warriors among the knights who talked the whole command into dropping the mission and going for robbery and piracy. Their kingdom was occupied and put to the sack by foreign troops and the dying king cursed the knights who betrayed him.

Greedy Spooks Scores
Date Avatar Name Scores
20-05-2018 19:22:57 caisili 418,180
13-10-2023 21:57:59 Aluminatae 84,000
29-12-2018 22:27:29 henning 67,510
29-12-2018 21:35:09 Sternchen0116 63,710
10-12-2022 10:41:18 Tasos 30
Game Title Greedy Spooks
Play Count 5124
High Scoring: Yes
Folder: Langangen Arcade » 2016 Games
Scores 5
Current rating 0/5
Favoured 1

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